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This memorial website was created in precious loving memory of our sweet baby girl, Amber Lynn Jones Dixon who was born on August 25, 2005. She was already in the arms of Jesus before we (mommy and daddy) held her in our arms.  We will remember her forever. She was beautiful and she looked a lot like me (her mommy) and her brother Myles.  Of course daddy's resemblence could be seen in her cute little chin, fingers and longs legs.  She had a head full of jet black hair including side burns (like her brother:)  

We got the chance to be with her for a while and took comfort in the time, the moments that God gave us with her.  Her brother Myles spent a few moments with her and his first words to her were..."cute"

We will always remember her, speak of her and hold dear sweet memories of her in our thoughts and hearts.   

Daddy is very proud to have his baby girl laid to rest at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetary for veterans where he saluted her before she was laid to rest and is surrounded by soldiers.  We know that Amber is in Jesus' arms and we take great comfort in that. 

We hope that you're able to share in our memories, pictures and thoughts of Amber Lynn and feel the love that we felt when we held her hand. 

We know that it will take quite a bit of time before we feel like we can exhale, however, we know that we can hold on to God's word and his unfailing love.  If you have experienced a loss such as this or a loss of something else that seems to have overtaken you...I send you a peace offering from God's word - Isaiah 40:31  Those that hope in the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall soar on wings like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not be faint.                                    


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Celebrating Mommy's Day   / Mommy
Baby Girl Amber, Thinking of you as I celebrate Mother's Day this weekend.  I will think of you and hold you in my heart as I celbrate and spend time with your brother Myles.  Wishing you were here!  Celebrating both of my babies an...  Continue >>
Birthday Wishes   / Nila Bormann (Play auntie )
Amber, Happy Birthday! Wow I can't believe it's been three years already. Your family misses you so very much. Tita Nila  
a story for amber about thomas the tank engine   / A. Myles Dixon (your big brother )
once upon a time there was a little girl and a little boy whose favorite toy was a train.  one night he grew and grew and grew. and then they didn't know how to get rid of him because he was too big.  suddenly, thomas was going to take them...  Continue >>
holding you today...   / Mommy
hi amber, it's the day before mother's day and i really wish that i was holding you, but in my heart i am!!! i am holding you in my heart and as i close my eyes, i can imagine you dancing around in a cute little princess dress.  i am hold...  Continue >>
Thinking of You...   / Mommy And Big Brother A. Myles (the people who love you most:) )
 Hey baby girl, your big brother Myles gives thumbs up to you (he likes doing that).  We miss you and we know that you are enjoying Heaven with Jesus.  We think of you lots and your brother talks about "his baby" all the time...  Continue >>
An Encounter With an Angel...  / Mommy     Read >>
Sweet angel Amber  / Maria Zollo Angel Mum     Read >>
Pre birthday wishes  / Mommy To Amber Angel     Read >>
Your Little Angel  / Brother IN Law Of Quinn Mahoney     Read >>
Playful Angels  / Mom To Little Angel {Miss Maddy}     Read >>
So sorry for your loss...  / LuAnn (Visitor)    Read >>
You're Always With Me!  / Mommy (My sweet precious angel )    Read >>
For Amber's family  / Irena Hill (UK) Nanny To Angel Kayleigh     Read >>
So very sorry  / Kellie Woods     Read >>
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Daddy...I want to peek at my little sister:)
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